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PRESS RELEASE July 30, 2015

1CapApp Continues To Listen To Our Customers’ Needs

We are proud to announce the release of

Gen. V to include the Switch Writer Macro. 

Switch Writer Macro:  We now allow you to assign multiple writers to a session and to define a macro that you can send from your steno machine or keyboard that tells 1CapApp to make the next writer in the list the active writer.  That’s right!  A Switch Writer Macro from your steno machine or keyboard!

How to Create and Use Switch Writer Macro

Each writer needs to log into the 1CapApp dashboard with their “own” user / pass, click on the Switch Writer macro and input their macro.  Writer also must define the macro in their CAT software dictionary and it must be identical to the macro created in 1CapApp (case sensitive).

Admin Dashboard

Create Switch Writer Macro

Log into dashboard and click on Macros

Under Set Macros select Switch Writer

Define the shortcut text string for the macro and save

Be sure the macro is created before the session is scheduled

Setup Session

Setup a session and assign multiple writers to the session

The order of the writers is from top to bottom

Start Session

Writer1 in the list is the assigned writer and starts the session. Other writers are in queue.

From Steno Machine or Keyboard

Writer1 starts writing.  When ready to switch, writer1 sends switch writer macro from steno machine or keyboard.  Writer2 automatically becomes the assigned writer and should start writing.  All other writers get a status of “in queue” and all writers will see at the top of the 1Connect window their assigned status, either assigned or in queue.

 IMPORTANT:  Only writer1 needs to be connected to 1Connect and ready to go.  The other writers in the Round Robin queue can be writing for other assignments; however, when it is that writer’s turn, they must be connected and ready to write.  Once the switch macro is sent, they become the assigned writer and are now streaming text.  You will be amazed how easy, quick and seamless the process is!!

Other Exciting Enhancements Listed Below

Delay Seconds Session Setup

You now have a session parameter where you can configure a text streaming delay in second intervals, from 1 to 90 seconds for normal 1CapApp sessions along with YouTube and UVision sessions.  In the past, we provided you with a macro to increase or decrease the delay in micro second increments.  If your delay was many seconds, the macro was cumbersome.  Now you have both!  You can schedule a session and set the second delay to get the amount of delay close to what you need and then use the macro from your steno machine or keyboard to get it perfect.  In the scheduled session, the seconds delay overrides the macro.  So if your session has started and you then change the session delay, whatever was done with your macro is gone.  Making seconds delay changes to a session that has already started will require a simple reconnect to 1Connect.

View Page Historical Transcript Retrieval

Your clients can now retrieve historical transcripts from the viewer dashboard.  A paper icon   is now available at the top right on the viewer dashboard.  Click on this icon and you can retrieve public and private transcripts from past sessions.

IMPORTANT:  We save the transcripts for 90 days.

 View Page Enhanced Word Flow

On session setup and on the view page settings, you now have the option for the streaming text style to be Live, Word for Word, or Line by Line.  We have enhanced the word flow when you choose Word for Word, and you can adjust the speed from normal, to slow, and very slow.  Check it out!!

IMPORTANT:  Please refresh your browser’s cache NOW by clicking:  Ctrl-F5

A Summary Of 1CapApp’s Awesome Features

 Macros and More

1CapApp is an IP CART and Captioning platform comprehensively built to enable multi-channel remote CART and Captioning that includes multiple time-saving tools that are built into the same product for one great price.

For as low as 4 cents a minute, you can deliver your captioning services to 1Fuzion, YouTube, Uvision, Adobe, your customized link, webcast and mobile ALL at the same time using 1Connect, or your keyboard macro and Dragon / voice writing.

1CapApp is an intuitive app that will ease your scheduling pain and change the way you interact with your clients.  Writers/Admins schedule sessions easily using preset templates and recurring sessions.  Clients can chat, take notes, highlight, annotate, email, resize windows with widgets and have the power of 1Fuzion.

1Fuzion is a tool included with 1CapApp that gives your clients the ability to overlay their captions on any number of computer screens using a remote captioner.  For example, overlay captions using 1Fuzion on a PowerPoint or a Video.  1Fuzion can be used at unlimited locations in one venue with the ability to customize each location where the captions are displayed.  Webcasting the same session?  No problem!  No siloed links at 1CapApp.  We encourage     multi-channel delivery.  Schedule everything your client needs, one time, for as low as 4 cents a minute.  (Onsite 1Fuzion not needing an internet connection is coming soon.)

1Connect is 1CapApp’s virtual port bridge.  Connect your CAT software to the 1CapApp streaming server with either a Com Port or TCP/IP.  1Connect allows both connections simultaneously.  When you connect using 1Connect, your assigned session is displayed and we let you test your connection for FREE.

Latest Features Recap


The team at 1CapApp is always thinking of ways for captioners to differentiate themselves in the market.  We have a myriad of macros: auto-color speaker IDs, create music notes, Tweet to your clients’ accounts, increase or decrease your captioning speed, and much more!  Just today we added a switch writer macro that uses a round robin approach that is so easy and seamless.  You will be amazed!


Customize your caption links by letting your clients sell ad space that can be hyperlinked to PSAs, coupons, commercials, or whatever their marketing team can imagine.


We know time is important and managing captioners and clients equally so.  That’s why we simplified the process allowing ONE link to do everything you need.  1CapApp’s intuitive and vertical structure places all your clients’ requests at the tip of your cursor.  Check out our session presets feature that allows you to customize each field specific to every client!


One link . . . 4 cents a minute.  Perfect page image and private chat box.  Everything is customizable!


You can reach tech support 24/7 at 1-855-422-7277.  1CapApp created a YouTube tutorial channel and we archive how-to documents for administrators, captioners and clients at www.1capapp.com.


1CapApp offers rates as low as 4 cents a minute with all tools included. 

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