1CapApp Has A Summer Angel

Hello world! My name is Angel Woodard. “Capricorns are not dreamers they are doers”. I have to agree with this quote since I am a Capricorn. I once heard someone say that dreams are merely just dreams without goals. I turn my dreams into reality by setting goals and staying committed to accomplishing those goals.

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother telling me with work and commitment, I can become and succeed at anything. She probably didn’t realize at the time what her encouragement meant to me. Telling a five year old yes, you can be a neonatologist (I have always had big goals!) or yes, you can be a movie star. My drive to accomplish goals and be successful was instilled in me young and that fire has only grown more intense over the years.

However, I don’t know who I would be without this drive. My restlessness helps me accomplish my goals. During high school I enrolled in college classes wanting to start my college career early. Currently, I am a senior in the Communication Department at Washburn University and will graduate early this fall with my Bachelors in Communication Studies, with a Legal emphasis, as well as a Minor in Sociology.

Now that I will be graduating I can’t wait to get out into the real world! 1CapApp is giving me that amazing opportunity. What I have to offer comes from within. I am self-motivated, driven and positive. My take charge, goal-oriented personality will help me be successful as 1CapApp’s Marketing Analyst. Attending Washburn has enhanced my oral and written communication skills and given me the tools to craft messages that attract audiences. All these tools, plus a passion to inform and entertain, has given me the confidence to take on this internship.

Each week I will have the opportunity for many experiences. I will be writing interesting and enjoyable blogs such as articles on up and coming new gadgets and software, captioning best practices. Also I will consult with the management team at 1CapApp to plan and structure their sales and marketing campaigns. You won’t want to miss this!

I am looking forward to all the knowledge and experience I will gain in this role and all the fun I will have collaborating my ideas with a team, I can’t wait to meet all of you! I plan to build strong relationships with current customers and recruit new customers. I am ready for this internship to bring out the very best of me. To challenge me creatively and make 1CapApp a trend on social media and around the world!

If you weren’t aware already, I possess an enormous amount of energy for life. I believe entirely that everyone born has a purpose and mine is to share my energy and drive. Get ready, you will be hearing a lot from 1CapApp’s Angel.