What is 1CapApp?

1CapApp is a realtime text-streaming platform created by steno captioners for CART Providers, Captioners and Court Reporters. 1CapApp is designed to get the streaming text to the viewer FAST! 

Features of 1CapApp

1. Speed

  • The text appears on the screen word-for-word – not in groups of three or four.
  • When dialed into a teleconference, viewers no longer need to stall when asked a question because the words spoken appear so quickly on the screen.
  • Running late for a teleconference? No worries. The CART Provider is already dialed in and writing. When you log in, the text will be on the screen for you to scroll back and read what you missed.

“1CapApp is THE Cadillac of all the captioning applications/software out on the market today. This software is very easy to use for both viewers and providers. I really love all the bells & whistles!!”
- Terry

2. Buying Time
Conveniently choose the package of time that fits your needs. Pro Pack I, II, or III. An automatic hours calculator is available for your convenience.

“1CapApp hit a home run with this software. Our clients are raving about the faster text streaming and the ability to take notes. Best of all, we have saved 44% since switching platforms.”
- Debbie

3. Administration

  • Ability to personalize the view screen by uploading your company’s logo that is displayed when your client’s view; plus, the view page has an embedded link that takes your client back to your company’s website.
  • On a busy day, you can easily bring in an outside writer to help your team. This allows you to maintain the integrity, look and feel of your own company.
  • The back-end setup was designed with the registrant in mind. You are able to create a default setup for your company, choose a hard stop; plus, schedule recurring events at one time!
  • The Group Captioners tab allows you to quickly sort your events to see which captioner is assigned to which event.

4. Consumer Convenience
The consumer has the ability to change the following features midstream:

  • Full screen projection
  • 25-line numbers option
  • Turn time coding on/off
  • Show line numbers on/off
  • Change font color, size and style
  • Foreground and/or background color

“1CapApp, one click and you’re in. I really like that there aren’t several links to maneuver through to get in. I’m able to easily adjust my font, text color, page color to match my mood, right there on the main page. It scrolls quickly and effortlessly on the page. This is just a great tool.”
- Kristen

5. Dual Output
1CapApp allows you to stream to meeting platforms such as Adobe, Elluminate, Wimba, WebEx, while simultaneously providing a separate link as a backup. Writers can dual output from their captioning software to multiple channels.

6. No Group Fees
Planning a large conference or international event? You will not pay extra based on the number of people viewing the stream. Write for 1 viewer or 1,000+. There is no difference in cost.

7. Note Taking
A built-in secure note taking box is available within the platform, which gives the viewer the ability to easily take notes during the session. The viewer can type and watch the streaming text without having to look away or change applications to take notes.

8. Chat Box
The built-in chat box allows the provider to see who is viewing the stream and allows all participants to communicate without leaving the platform. The chat box shows which viewer is typing to alert the provider that a message is coming.

“My favorite thing about 1CapApp is that I can see when my client (the viewer) is connected to 1CapApp. This brings a peace of mind at the beginning of every job which helps me relax when I start writing.”
- Jennifer

9. Email Automation
The notes and transcript can be automatically emailed to the viewer’s personal email account. This allows the viewer to receive their transcript and notes immediately after their session has ended. Providers have the option to disable email automation on setup.

10. Scheduling
Scheduling is easy and includes many time-saving features such as:

  • Default page layout
  • Automatic Adobe ID creation
  • Allow or disable reminder email
  • Logging history of each session
  • Schedule recurring sessions at one time
  • Create, store and select groups of viewers
  • Create sessions that are private, public, limited or hidden
  • Option to allow captioners to control their own job assignments
  • Optional automatic hard stop of stream after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Allow or block automatic emailing of the secured transcript at the end of a session
  • Grouping of writers’ sessions displayed alphabetically and grouped by name

“1CapApp is the best captioning app I’ve used. It’s easy for the CART Provider to set up as well as easy for the client (viewer) to link to. The chat function also makes it easy to communicate with all parties on the stream. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from this CART Provider!”
- Tina

11. Secure
1CapApp is dependable and secure. The platform is reinforced by the use of SSL (HTTPS) to ensure your link is protected.

12. Accessible
1CapApp works on all major browsers and devices such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, smart phones, tablets, as well as other platforms such as Elluminate, Adobe and WebEx.

Check back often. Feedback is always welcome at 1CapApp.


One Platform. One Link. Your Solution.™

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