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A great testimonial tells a company they are doing things right.  It also says to the naysayers that they might just have it wrong!!  

In today’s technological world, many customers are global.  A testimonial allows them to see into your world through the eyes of others using your service.  When a company asks you for a testimonial, take it as a compliment. It is a reflection that your opinion is important and the company cares what you have to say.

A few tips to consider when putting your testimonial together:

Get right to the point.  If customer service and support is important to you, talk about your experience.  If friendly pricing is what brought you to a company, others will want to know.  If you found a solution to a problem, talk about the issue or problem the company helped you solve. Most likely others have the same problem.  What is most important is to speak from your heart.

Enjoy the testimonials by CART Captioners, AV experts and consumers regarding Access Communication during the HLAA 2016 convention:

1FuzionDeanna Baker – CART Captioner

I have been coordinating and working at the Hearing Loss Association of America’s annual convention for 24 years.  This year HLAA wanted to incorporate 1CapApp and 1Fuzion into the experience.  I was a bit hesitant changing things after all these years, but with the help of the 1CapApp team everything went seamless!  I heard wonderful things not only from the excellent CMI AV group but the attendees were LOVING the new look!

Lisa JohnstonLisa Johnston – CART Captioner

“At a recent convention, I was on the CART Captioning team which used 1CapApp with 1Fuzion to provide realtime captions for this week-long event.  It was simply flawless and extremely simple to set up and use.  The platform is very user friendly.  Jeanette’s training was easy to understand and if there were any questions, she was always ready and there to answer them.  This platform is the product of actual CART Captioners like myself and that’s one thing I really love – they know what we want and are willing to hear suggestions as well.  I’m excited to continue to use 1CapApp in the future!  Many thanks 1CapApp for bringing us this great platform!”

DIANE HUMPHREYDiane Humphrey – CART Captioner

“I was part of the CART team using 1CapApp and 1Fuzion at the HLAA National Convention.  My mantra through the whole experience was, I must be doing something wrong because it’s too easy!  Even the training was easy!  It truly is a beautiful thing to see your captions on top of the PowerPoint instead of on the screen NEXT to the PowerPoint screen.  The feedback I got from the audience members was consistent throughout the conference:  They loved the captions on the same screen as the PowerPoint because it’s so much easier to follow along with the speakers and the dialogue instead of the tennis match type captions used at the previous convention.

I can’t say enough about the support from the 1CapApp team.  It was excellent. The best part for me was Jeanette being onsite and telling me to remain calm as I was trying to undo a mistake I had made.  She was that soothing voice we’d all like to hear when technology is giving us a cramp.  Thank you again to the 1CapApp team for creating a user-friendly platform to display our captions!!!”

BrandonBrandon Smith – CMI AV

“What we’ve noticed so far is that it is a considerable upgrade from any other service that we have used in the past. The 1Fuzion text and font is tremendously clear and crisp and just an overall better viewing experience for everybody in the audience.”


Sharon VivianSharon Vivian – CART Captioner

“Maybe I was a bit apprehensive for fear of adding another step in the process using 1CapApp with 1Fuzion for the HLAA sessions but my fears were instantly quelled by the 1CapApp affable training style and the ease of using 1CapApp.   Attendees loved having the real-time text streaming directly above the Power Point display.  I believe that keeping the consumer happy is what’s most important so I’m looking forward to the many future application possibilities using 1CapApp!”

Nancy MacklinNancy Macklin – Director of Events HLAA

“The Hearing Loss Association of America successfully incorporated the groundbreaking 1CapApp and 1Fuzion technology to make its Convention 2016 the most communication accessible event in the country for people with hearing loss.

If people with hearing loss are in your audience, providing realtime captions with 1Fuzion is the solution, putting captions on the same screen as the presentation.  Our attendees from 22 countries raved about the technology, and loved being able to receive realtime captions in several different languages on their mobile devices.”

Katie Wright – HLAA Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter

“This was my first HLAA Convention. What an experience to be able to hear without effort at all times! Every meeting room was looped for use with telecoils. Live captioning was provided for each workshop and the program the captioners used allowed for the text to be on the same screen as the PowerPoint presentations – no need to swivel your head to read captions and see the slides. The captioning was also available “in real time” on smartphones and laptops through a website. If a sign language interpreter was needed, one was provided.”

VAUGHNVaughn Taylor – CMI AV

“With 1Fuzion, the lettering of it is now keyable and we can change the font size and colors on the fly.  It also keys very well over our camera and looks really sharp.  There’s not really a delay to it. It is pretty much almost instantaneous. We used to have to buy or rent encoders. Now it’s a cost we don’t have. No one even showed me how to use it.  It wasn’t tough at all.”

If you have a 1CapApp testimonial please email it to 1CapApp: contact@1capapp.com or call 866-945-0250.  

Be awesome!


1CapApp, a service that delivers time-saving solutions for CART providers, captioners, and court reports who provide live text streaming,

PRESS RELEASE July 30, 2015

1CapApp Continues To Listen To Our Customers’ Needs

We are proud to announce the release of

Gen. V to include the Switch Writer Macro. 

Switch Writer Macro:  We now allow you to assign multiple writers to a session and to define a macro that you can send from your steno machine or keyboard that tells 1CapApp to make the next writer in the list the active writer.  That’s right!  A Switch Writer Macro from your steno machine or keyboard!

How to Create and Use Switch Writer Macro

Each writer needs to log into the 1CapApp dashboard with their “own” user / pass, click on the Switch Writer macro and input their macro.  Writer also must define the macro in their CAT software dictionary and it must be identical to the macro created in 1CapApp (case sensitive).

Admin Dashboard

Create Switch Writer Macro

Log into dashboard and click on Macros

Under Set Macros select Switch Writer

Define the shortcut text string for the macro and save

Be sure the macro is created before the session is scheduled

Setup Session

Setup a session and assign multiple writers to the session

The order of the writers is from top to bottom

Start Session

Writer1 in the list is the assigned writer and starts the session. Other writers are in queue.

From Steno Machine or Keyboard

Writer1 starts writing.  When ready to switch, writer1 sends switch writer macro from steno machine or keyboard.  Writer2 automatically becomes the assigned writer and should start writing.  All other writers get a status of “in queue” and all writers will see at the top of the 1Connect window their assigned status, either assigned or in queue.

 IMPORTANT:  Only writer1 needs to be connected to 1Connect and ready to go.  The other writers in the Round Robin queue can be writing for other assignments; however, when it is that writer’s turn, they must be connected and ready to write.  Once the switch macro is sent, they become the assigned writer and are now streaming text.  You will be amazed how easy, quick and seamless the process is!!

Other Exciting Enhancements Listed Below

Delay Seconds Session Setup

You now have a session parameter where you can configure a text streaming delay in second intervals, from 1 to 90 seconds for normal 1CapApp sessions along with YouTube and UVision sessions.  In the past, we provided you with a macro to increase or decrease the delay in micro second increments.  If your delay was many seconds, the macro was cumbersome.  Now you have both!  You can schedule a session and set the second delay to get the amount of delay close to what you need and then use the macro from your steno machine or keyboard to get it perfect.  In the scheduled session, the seconds delay overrides the macro.  So if your session has started and you then change the session delay, whatever was done with your macro is gone.  Making seconds delay changes to a session that has already started will require a simple reconnect to 1Connect.

View Page Historical Transcript Retrieval

Your clients can now retrieve historical transcripts from the viewer dashboard.  A paper icon   is now available at the top right on the viewer dashboard.  Click on this icon and you can retrieve public and private transcripts from past sessions.

IMPORTANT:  We save the transcripts for 90 days.

 View Page Enhanced Word Flow

On session setup and on the view page settings, you now have the option for the streaming text style to be Live, Word for Word, or Line by Line.  We have enhanced the word flow when you choose Word for Word, and you can adjust the speed from normal, to slow, and very slow.  Check it out!!

IMPORTANT:  Please refresh your browser’s cache NOW by clicking:  Ctrl-F5

A Summary Of 1CapApp’s Awesome Features

 Macros and More

1CapApp is an IP CART and Captioning platform comprehensively built to enable multi-channel remote CART and Captioning that includes multiple time-saving tools that are built into the same product for one great price.

For as low as 4 cents a minute, you can deliver your captioning services to 1Fuzion, YouTube, Uvision, Adobe, your customized link, webcast and mobile ALL at the same time using 1Connect, or your keyboard macro and Dragon / voice writing.

1CapApp is an intuitive app that will ease your scheduling pain and change the way you interact with your clients.  Writers/Admins schedule sessions easily using preset templates and recurring sessions.  Clients can chat, take notes, highlight, annotate, email, resize windows with widgets and have the power of 1Fuzion.

1Fuzion is a tool included with 1CapApp that gives your clients the ability to overlay their captions on any number of computer screens using a remote captioner.  For example, overlay captions using 1Fuzion on a PowerPoint or a Video.  1Fuzion can be used at unlimited locations in one venue with the ability to customize each location where the captions are displayed.  Webcasting the same session?  No problem!  No siloed links at 1CapApp.  We encourage     multi-channel delivery.  Schedule everything your client needs, one time, for as low as 4 cents a minute.  (Onsite 1Fuzion not needing an internet connection is coming soon.)

1Connect is 1CapApp’s virtual port bridge.  Connect your CAT software to the 1CapApp streaming server with either a Com Port or TCP/IP.  1Connect allows both connections simultaneously.  When you connect using 1Connect, your assigned session is displayed and we let you test your connection for FREE.

Latest Features Recap


The team at 1CapApp is always thinking of ways for captioners to differentiate themselves in the market.  We have a myriad of macros: auto-color speaker IDs, create music notes, Tweet to your clients’ accounts, increase or decrease your captioning speed, and much more!  Just today we added a switch writer macro that uses a round robin approach that is so easy and seamless.  You will be amazed!


Customize your caption links by letting your clients sell ad space that can be hyperlinked to PSAs, coupons, commercials, or whatever their marketing team can imagine.


We know time is important and managing captioners and clients equally so.  That’s why we simplified the process allowing ONE link to do everything you need.  1CapApp’s intuitive and vertical structure places all your clients’ requests at the tip of your cursor.  Check out our session presets feature that allows you to customize each field specific to every client!


One link . . . 4 cents a minute.  Perfect page image and private chat box.  Everything is customizable!


You can reach tech support 24/7 at 1-855-422-7277.  1CapApp created a YouTube tutorial channel and we archive how-to documents for administrators, captioners and clients at www.1capapp.com.


1CapApp offers rates as low as 4 cents a minute with all tools included. 

Become a Fan of 1CapApp.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Captioners: A Gift To Yourself

Change opens doors of opportunity and can benefit your life. Change can be incredibly powerful, beneficial and often times rewarding – yes, change is good!

When you open your mind to change and move beyond your comfort zone, you live a more fulfilled life; and, most importantly, change allows you to grow while discovering your full potential.

By following these simple suggestions for change, your mind will allow you to adjust naturally.

  • Embrace all opportunities for change: Focus on all the positive ideas and opportunities that can come from change.
  • Push fear out:  Worry is a down payment on a fear that will never manifest. Don’t be defeated by negative thoughts.
  • Less stress: Think of how healthier and happier you will be committing to change – let go of what is stressing you.
  • Become comfortable with change: You have the power to create your own reality.
  • You can only win when you accept change: Great opportunities and friendships result from change.


change, captioning

A Gift To Yourself

Deb Shapiro, award winning author of Be the Change writes: “Without change in ourselves we become stifled and stagnant; without change in the world we will not survive.”

Dr. Judith Rich, an author, trainer and coach beautifully states: “Change is a gift you give yourself.”

Gail Sheehy, journalist and author succinctly states: “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

To conclude, we all have one life that we are living right now so don’t waste it. Adapt to change. Open your heart and your mind to change so you can start enjoying the ride!

By: The 1CapApp Team

1CapApp Has A Summer Angel

Hello world! My name is Angel Woodard. “Capricorns are not dreamers they are doers”. I have to agree with this quote since I am a Capricorn. I once heard someone say that dreams are merely just dreams without goals. I turn my dreams into reality by setting goals and staying committed to accomplishing those goals.

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother telling me with work and commitment, I can become and succeed at anything. She probably didn’t realize at the time what her encouragement meant to me. Telling a five year old yes, you can be a neonatologist (I have always had big goals!) or yes, you can be a movie star. My drive to accomplish goals and be successful was instilled in me young and that fire has only grown more intense over the years.

However, I don’t know who I would be without this drive. My restlessness helps me accomplish my goals. During high school I enrolled in college classes wanting to start my college career early. Currently, I am a senior in the Communication Department at Washburn University and will graduate early this fall with my Bachelors in Communication Studies, with a Legal emphasis, as well as a Minor in Sociology.

Now that I will be graduating I can’t wait to get out into the real world! 1CapApp is giving me that amazing opportunity. What I have to offer comes from within. I am self-motivated, driven and positive. My take charge, goal-oriented personality will help me be successful as 1CapApp’s Marketing Analyst. Attending Washburn has enhanced my oral and written communication skills and given me the tools to craft messages that attract audiences. All these tools, plus a passion to inform and entertain, has given me the confidence to take on this internship.

Each week I will have the opportunity for many experiences. I will be writing interesting and enjoyable blogs such as articles on up and coming new gadgets and software, captioning best practices. Also I will consult with the management team at 1CapApp to plan and structure their sales and marketing campaigns. You won’t want to miss this!

I am looking forward to all the knowledge and experience I will gain in this role and all the fun I will have collaborating my ideas with a team, I can’t wait to meet all of you! I plan to build strong relationships with current customers and recruit new customers. I am ready for this internship to bring out the very best of me. To challenge me creatively and make 1CapApp a trend on social media and around the world!

If you weren’t aware already, I possess an enormous amount of energy for life. I believe entirely that everyone born has a purpose and mine is to share my energy and drive. Get ready, you will be hearing a lot from 1CapApp’s Angel.

Captioners Beware, Sitting Could Be the New Smoking!

By Chris Woods, Co-founder

As captioners, how long we sit when we capture the spoken word in a courtroom, for a broadcast, or for a live performance is now considered a potential health hazard. Some experts are even suggesting “sitting is the new smoking.” That statement certainly got our attention and we wanted to learn more.

How Much Sitting Are We Doing?

Since 2012, a number of studies have been published that measure how much computer workers sit during their workday. The studies show that tech workers spend more than half their awake time sitting (approximately 64 hours per week). In a study of tech workers, Lumoback (a personal posture training startup company) found that “the average computer worker could easily spend 48,360 hours sitting at work over a 30-year career.” That translates to more than five years of life sitting at work.

My co-founder, Jeanette Christian, and I wondered if captioners spend even more time in the sitting position due to the demands of working on our stenography machines and the length of captioning sessions. Our backs are certainly telling us that when we overdo it. I often have to lay flat on my back just to counter the effects.

Perhaps it’s time for us to pay more attention to the signals our bodies are giving us.

How Can Sitting Be a Problem?

Turns out our bodies weren’t really designed to stay in the sitting position for a long time. We reduce the blood flow to our legs and feet when we sit in a desk chair (even many that are ergonomically designed). In a chair, our spine is also in sub-optimal position. We were designed to be mobile, not to be sitters.

If you are like us, we often find ourselves craning our necks forward while we are typing at our machines and then feeling the affects in the muscles of my shoulders and back the next day. We also get tingly legs sometimes, which means our blood is not circulating to our legs properly. Health experts note that when we don’t move our legs enough, we can experience a range of problems from varicose veins to swollen ankles.

Unfortunately, muscle degeneration, heart disease, an over-productive pancreas, colon cancer, back problems, and difficulty focusing can all be tied to sitting for long periods of time. In a recently published article in the Washington Post: Health & Science, there is a great illustration of the health risks.

What Can You Do to Minimize the Impact of Sitting?

We know that sounds like a lot of bad news for a profession that spends a lot of time sitting, but there are a number of things we can do to reduce or minimize the negative impact on the body from sitting too long.

Consider these tips:

  • Improve your sitting posture: Place your feet flat on the floor, bring your arms close to your sides, bend your elbows 90 degrees, and avoid leaning forward toward the keyboard. A new techy device developed by Lumoback warns you that your posture is out of whack. It also counts how long you sit, stand, and sleep and your number of steps.
  • Switch your seat: Sitting on an ergonomic ball is more dynamic than a chair and can improve the use of your core while you sit. Be smart about your chair choice to minimize the impact of sitting on your body.
  • Stand up: Many technology workers use a desk that can be raised and lowered to allow the user to stand sometimes and sit other times. Jeanette raises the tripod that holds her captioning machine to allow her to stand while she types. If you prefer to use a desk, check out the Kangaroo Adjustable Height desks made by Ergo Desktop.
  • Take breaks to stretch and move: Try a routine of simple exercises right before and after a captioning session. Even if you take just 60 seconds to do some simple exercises or stretches multiple times each day, you can see marked results. Check out Minute Movement – a great new workplace exercise routine and more tips on how to get moving at work.

Let us know what you do to keep your neck and back from aching and to keep healthy when you have to sit too much. Let’s share some best practices! Reach us on Twitter @1CapApp or make a comment on this post.

Want to Learn More? Check Out These Great Articles

Berkowitz, B. and Clark, P., 2014. The Health Hazards of Sitting. The Washington Post. http://wapo.st/1k1yDyh

Grant, R. 2013. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – 60% of Americans suffer from Silicon Valley Syndrome. Venture Beat. http://bit.ly/1jseJNk

Weller, C. 2013. Is Sitting the New Smoking? A workday of inactivity could offset any benefits of exercise. Medical Daily. http://bit.ly/1nZoDWJ

Captioners and Broadway: How we make the performing arts accessible for the hearing impaired

by Jeanette Christian, Co-Founder

This week is National Court Reporting and Captioning Week (February 16-21), and it reminds my co-founder, Chris Woods, and me why we are so proud to be a part of this profession.  We love that our work capturing the spoken word makes a difference in how many people interact with and access their world.  Our profession makes it possible for the more than 36 million Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing to interpret the same information as a hearing person whether it is for legal, work, education or entertainment purposes.

Open Captioning and the Theater

A recent article in the Virginian-Pilot reported on a theater that offers open captioning (a text display of all the words and sound effects heard during a live program or performance) for their hearing disabled patrons.  The article highlighted Lois Boyle, a court reporter by trade, who made it possible for most of the Orchestra section to “see” what was being said by the actors in “The Addams Family” production. 

Whether patrons could hear well or not, many commented on the value of the open captioning for the play.  The availability of the spoken word on an LED screen was less distracting than someone signing and helped everyone with a view of the screen to get the full meaning of the dialogue on stage.

Availability of open captioning in theaters is far from widespread despite its inclusion in the Americans with Disabilities Act as an approved method for communicating at performing arts events.  Offering open captioning is an expense that many small theaters struggle to afford, so organizations like the Hearing Loss Association of America, Broadway series producer Jam Theatricals, and the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) in New York City are helping make it possible.

TDF provides captioning for about 40 New York-area theaters and for some theaters throughout the country.  The organization “offers a limited number of two-year regional theatre partnerships to sponsor open-captioned performances and increase attendance by people who are deaf or hard of hearing.”  However, open captioning is far from the norm for most theaters nationwide.

Aging Baby Boomers and Hearing Loss

According to the U.S. Census, there are approximately 76 million Baby Boomers who are currently 49 to 67 years old (which includes me!). As the Boomers advance toward their twilight years and the likelihood of hearing loss, I hope the use of open captioning for performing arts events will grow and become more widely available.  Many theaters are not aware of the opportunity for open captioning and how it can benefit all their hearing disabled patrons.  Hopefully more stories like the one in the Virginian-Pilot will raise awareness of a way to bring in new patrons to the theater – ones that have previously assumed that they can’t enjoy the full experience of live performances.

Let’s Get the Word Out

My fellow captioners, I salute you and all that you do to make our world a better place for those that struggle with hearing loss or deafness.  Let’s get the word out to our hometown theaters about the opportunity for open captioning and how it can bring them more customers!

Want to Read More? Check Out These Articles

Annas, T. 2014. Broadway Series Captions the Moment. The Virginian-Pilot. February 15, 2014.  http://bit.ly/1m0XvHV

National Court Reporters Association. 2014. 2014 National Court Reporting and Captioning Week Kicks Off. http://bit.ly/1dDmZsC

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. 2010. Quick Statistics. http://1.usa.gov/1kO2eym

Theater Development Fund. 2014. National Open Captioning Initiative. http://bit.ly/1bdYHpZ

U.S. Census. 2006. Selected Characteristics of Baby Boomers 42 to 60 Years Old in 2006. http://1.usa.gov/1gN1XrM

What is 1CapApp?

1CapApp is a realtime text-streaming platform created by steno captioners for CART Providers, Captioners and Court Reporters. 1CapApp is designed to get the streaming text to the viewer FAST! 

Features of 1CapApp

1. Speed

  • The text appears on the screen word-for-word – not in groups of three or four.
  • When dialed into a teleconference, viewers no longer need to stall when asked a question because the words spoken appear so quickly on the screen.
  • Running late for a teleconference? No worries. The CART Provider is already dialed in and writing. When you log in, the text will be on the screen for you to scroll back and read what you missed.

“1CapApp is THE Cadillac of all the captioning applications/software out on the market today. This software is very easy to use for both viewers and providers. I really love all the bells & whistles!!”
- Terry

2. Buying Time
Conveniently choose the package of time that fits your needs. Pro Pack I, II, or III. An automatic hours calculator is available for your convenience.

“1CapApp hit a home run with this software. Our clients are raving about the faster text streaming and the ability to take notes. Best of all, we have saved 44% since switching platforms.”
- Debbie

3. Administration

  • Ability to personalize the view screen by uploading your company’s logo that is displayed when your client’s view; plus, the view page has an embedded link that takes your client back to your company’s website.
  • On a busy day, you can easily bring in an outside writer to help your team. This allows you to maintain the integrity, look and feel of your own company.
  • The back-end setup was designed with the registrant in mind. You are able to create a default setup for your company, choose a hard stop; plus, schedule recurring events at one time!
  • The Group Captioners tab allows you to quickly sort your events to see which captioner is assigned to which event.

4. Consumer Convenience
The consumer has the ability to change the following features midstream:

  • Full screen projection
  • 25-line numbers option
  • Turn time coding on/off
  • Show line numbers on/off
  • Change font color, size and style
  • Foreground and/or background color

“1CapApp, one click and you’re in. I really like that there aren’t several links to maneuver through to get in. I’m able to easily adjust my font, text color, page color to match my mood, right there on the main page. It scrolls quickly and effortlessly on the page. This is just a great tool.”
- Kristen

5. Dual Output
1CapApp allows you to stream to meeting platforms such as Adobe, Elluminate, Wimba, WebEx, while simultaneously providing a separate link as a backup. Writers can dual output from their captioning software to multiple channels.

6. No Group Fees
Planning a large conference or international event? You will not pay extra based on the number of people viewing the stream. Write for 1 viewer or 1,000+. There is no difference in cost.

7. Note Taking
A built-in secure note taking box is available within the platform, which gives the viewer the ability to easily take notes during the session. The viewer can type and watch the streaming text without having to look away or change applications to take notes.

8. Chat Box
The built-in chat box allows the provider to see who is viewing the stream and allows all participants to communicate without leaving the platform. The chat box shows which viewer is typing to alert the provider that a message is coming.

“My favorite thing about 1CapApp is that I can see when my client (the viewer) is connected to 1CapApp. This brings a peace of mind at the beginning of every job which helps me relax when I start writing.”
- Jennifer

9. Email Automation
The notes and transcript can be automatically emailed to the viewer’s personal email account. This allows the viewer to receive their transcript and notes immediately after their session has ended. Providers have the option to disable email automation on setup.

10. Scheduling
Scheduling is easy and includes many time-saving features such as:

  • Default page layout
  • Automatic Adobe ID creation
  • Allow or disable reminder email
  • Logging history of each session
  • Schedule recurring sessions at one time
  • Create, store and select groups of viewers
  • Create sessions that are private, public, limited or hidden
  • Option to allow captioners to control their own job assignments
  • Optional automatic hard stop of stream after 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Allow or block automatic emailing of the secured transcript at the end of a session
  • Grouping of writers’ sessions displayed alphabetically and grouped by name

“1CapApp is the best captioning app I’ve used. It’s easy for the CART Provider to set up as well as easy for the client (viewer) to link to. The chat function also makes it easy to communicate with all parties on the stream. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from this CART Provider!”
- Tina

11. Secure
1CapApp is dependable and secure. The platform is reinforced by the use of SSL (HTTPS) to ensure your link is protected.

12. Accessible
1CapApp works on all major browsers and devices such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, smart phones, tablets, as well as other platforms such as Elluminate, Adobe and WebEx.

Check back often. Feedback is always welcome at 1CapApp.


One Platform. One Link. Your Solution.™